Wednesday, 5 January 2011

And a funny new year...

Well hello all and a happy new year and all that balls to everyone who actually reads this.

Due to a distinct lack of inspiration induced by a festive season spent bathing in copious amounts of alcohol and unsuitable food, I am falling back on the classic new year filler - a round-up of the previous year!

Yes, that's right, here are a couple of my favourite piles of shit from 2010. Enjoy!

Plus, I've saved a new one for last so don't despair!

Not strictly a journalistic error, but what the hell, it is funny... Is Facebook trying to tell me something?

Got to love this picture to accompany a story about undercover police officers. My, how they're getting hard to spot!

A rather over-enthusiastic columnist here it seems. Thanks for the Tweet, you know who you are!

And a special mention to those lovely people who follow me on Twitter, @haplesshack, just because they are special people:


Obviously, they may be mental, but I still love them.

Have a good one - and don't forget to keep your spots and any other rants coming to should you wish to!

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