Monday, 10 May 2010

Gawd bless TV reporters on election night...

I must admit, I have never been filled with a lot of respect for TV news reporters.

While many are, or seem to be, nice enough people, most are blatantly uninformed when it comes to anything, even the things they are covering.

Harsh? Maybe. But I have taken many phonecalls from superior-minded reporters, expecting me to hand over a contact simply because they are on TV and want to blatantly lift my story.

However, I was filled with a new-found sense of respect for the bods in front of cameras at counts up and down the country during the General Election coverage.

Particularly entertaining was the way many of them had to fill the first three hours of coverage with pure bullshit while nothing happened. "This is the door where the candidates will enter the count" said one woman from the gym her count was taking place in. "These chairs are where the counters will sit" said another form an equally-anonymous gymnasium.

Bless 'em. It's a thankless task making this sound even slightly interesting, but they soldiered on.

Then, just when most of us were slumped over our laptops trying to maintain some sort of coverage while running out of coffee and only two fags left in the packet at 5am, they were still there, front-and-centre, looking just as dashing as their first bulletin.

You've got to admire that. They way in which they preserve their faultless hair and makeup despite standing in a cold, boring election count for an age, is surely praise worthy?

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