Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Triesman, treason, or t'reason..?

It seems the entire world has a view on the Lord Triesman scandal, exposed by the Mail on Sunday last weekend, in which a 'friend' recorded a private conversation during which the chief of England's 2018 World Cup bid is alleged to have spoken of conspiracy theories surrounding rival bids.

The MoS in particular has come in for a huge amount of criticism from most quarters, with many questioning why they would run such a story.

While I am not about to defend such a, well, quite frankly, rubbish story, I do find those voicing their anger at its publication rather hypocritical.

I mean, let's be right, this woman is hardly a class act is she? Despite her Clifford-inspired follow ups informing us of her "flowing flame red hair, a slim physique and ivory skin" and boasting her credentials as "impressive academic".

Please. Let's look at the facts:

* In the same piece we are told of her writing a blog giving us far too much detail of her alleged "relationship" with the 66-year-old.
* She purposely recorded an hour-long conversation with her alleged "friend" for use later when selling her story.
* Allegedly took her story to several (meaning most Sunday I would presume) newspapers before settling on a suitable "arrangement" (fee).

Now, forgive me if I don't totally believe that this was all done for some sort of greater good, or in the public interest.

And the MoS has quite rightly got quite a lot of stick for running it. Which is fine.

However, why aren't the same people slating the paper calling radio stations or writing to the PCC every single bloody week complaining about stories published on exactly the same basis as this one?

I'll tell you why; because they invariably involve a footballer or a politician shagging around, at no real cost to us.

The women will generally have done exactly the same; tipped off the press about the story and made a good lump of cash for doing so.

But the great, down-to-earth, angry of Manchesters aren't out then are they? No. Because the kiss-and-tell stories we lap up every week don't involve us losing a fuckin football tournament.

It's pathetic really. Just look at Johnny Workingclass crawling out of the woodwork now, undoubtedly with a tabloid newspaper featuring similar stories under his arm, ranting about what a disgrace the paper is.

Spare me your holier-than-thou bullshit people. You love it. But because it means you might not get to travel around the country beating up similarly deluded football fans without getting on a plane is not a reason to suddenly assume journalistic morals.

The best way to voice your disgust at this would not be to phone up a radio station, or write on an internet forum, it would be to STOP BUYING THIS STUFF.

Seriously, if these people avoided any newspaper with a similar story published inside, they would soon stop running them. Honestly.

So please take your pompous and hypocritical bullshit and shove it.

And yes, that includes you Melissa Jacobs. Don't pretend to be some paragon of virtue when you've sold a private conversation to the highest bidder.

We would all respect you more - from Melissa to the editor of the MoS to outraged Johnny Normal - if you were all just honest about your reasons.

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