Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Financial Dis-union

In recent weeks, a story has done the rounds in the national and regional press regarding the salaries of the top men at various trade unions.

Basically, the story informs us that despite fighting for the working man, day-in, day-out, 38 union bosses take home salaries in excess of £100,000 per year.

And I have to agree with the TaxPayers' Alliance that thisis a bit of a fuckin scandal. While I appreciate the money doesn't come from taxpayers, it does seem a touch hypocritical no that these chaps are happy to order their members out on strike, costing them desperately-needed cash, while their own salaries are of course, not affected in the slightest?

On the day this story broke, I also listened in to a radio interview with one of these union bosses, who was most indignant about the fact he was being challenged on his salary.

Well fuck me.

As the story says, the average salary of a civil servant is £22,850. Their union chief, Mark Serwotka, earns £111,112.


Even taking into account his position and responsibilities, the difference there is outrageous.

And, given what the average salary is for a journalist, is it any fuckin surprise that these guys do not get a lot of sympathy from the press?

Just spare a thought, union chiefs, when you are issuing your rallying calls for those in the public sector to walk out and demand more cash, that the poor fucker in the suit running around writing down the crap coming out of your mouth is probably earning a lot less than the average civil servant, has run out from an office that has become 50% emptier in recent years and has to combine three jobs, which is why he is fishing around for a camera while talking to you.

And our salaries AREN'T paid by the taxpayer either.

Cheeky feckers.

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